How Honey Bees benefit our Lives

Have you ever wondered how honeybees benefit our lives? Two facts about bees and honey that everyone knows are a) bees pollinate plants, and b) they produce honey!

Honeybees Benefit our Lives

You don’t have to be a beekeeper to understand why honeybees are essential for the survival of the human species:

Honey has a long history…  Do you know that the oldest evidence of honey goes back to nearly 9,000 years to a cave painting in Turkey? The sweet taste made honey a valuable commodity, that’s why it’s also known as ‘liquid gold’, or ‘golden nectar’.

Cave Painting

We all know that honey is good for you; but do you know there’s a lot more to honey and bees than you think? Honey has many amazing properties, some of which you probably never heard about.

How Honeybees benefit our Lives:

Let’s talk about the 5 main benefits of bees because it makes it easier to understand why bees are vital for our planet:

5 Ways of How Honey Bees Benefit our Lives

1. Survival

According to scientists around 75% of the planet’s crops and about 35% of global agricultural land depend on bees for pollination. Imagine if bees would become extinct? If the prophecy of the famous scientist Albert Einstein is correct, man would have no more than four years left to live if there are no more bees on earth. That is why it is absolutely vital to protect our bees! How you can help?

2. Food

Honey is known for thousand’s of years as a special treat and natural sweetener. Did you know that the oldest alcoholic beverage is mead and dates back to 7000 bc? Nowadays, honey is used to refine and sweeten numerous alcoholic drinks. Even the fitness industry uses it in healthy sports drinks to keep blood sugar levels stable. Honey is an essential item in everyone’s kitchen. Did you know that honey is the second most common condiment in the world? People from all over the world use honey for cooking and baking, especially for desserts.



3. Healing and Home Remedies

Honey is much more than an essential ingredient in food; Humans discovered the healing benefits of honey thousands of years ago. We all know that honey can soothe sore throats but that’s not all! Here you find some amazing facts about the amazing healing properties of honey.

Honey Lip Balm & Oil

4. Ecosystem

You may ask yourself what can be even better than a sweet taste and healing properties? The answer is simple, – pollinating plants! Did you know that bees pollinate around 85 to 90% of all crops grown for human (and animal) consumption? It’s a fact that without bees there would not be enough food for humans to consume on this planet!   

5. Other Products

People have used beeswax to produce light since medieval times. Beeswax is a natural ingredient used worldwide for cosmetics, in households, and outdoors. The next time you use a lip balm, light a candle, waterproof your shoes or polish furniture, think about bees! To find out more about products that use beeswax, click here.

Natural Beeswax Candles



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